Youth Justice: Protection From Abuse

About 20% of teen girls report having been in an abusive relationship; many boys have too.

You may be able to get a Protection From Abuse Order if you have experienced

  • physical harm (including sexual abuse);
  • threats of physical harm (including electronic threats);
  • false imprisonment; or
  • stalking

by a romantic partner (including “ex” partners, same sex partners, and dating relationships) or relative (by blood or marriage).

Parents can also get “PFA” orders for their children, if the children have also been abused.

  • You can get a Protection from Abuse Order against a minor if the minor has abused you.
  • An unemancipated minor who has experienced abuse cannot get a Protection from Abuse Order for him/herself without adult help.

For more on support for teen parents, go to

What can a Protection From Abuse Order do to protect me?

  • Order the abuser to stop abusing you
  • Order the abuser to not contact you
  • Order the abuser to pay child support (temporarily)
  • Give you custody of your child
  • Evict the abuser from a home you share (in some circumstances)
  • Order the abuser to give any weapons s/he owns to the police

If you need help getting a Protection from Abuse Order, Philadelphia Legal Assistance may be able to help.