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NEWS: Emilia Golanska Appointed as Managing Attorney

PLA is proud to announce that Supervising Attorney Emilia Golanska has been appointed as PLA's Managing Attorney. Emilia joins Maureen Olives, current Managing Attorney, in leading the provision of strategic legal services at PLA. Emilia will lead the Family Law Unit, General Intake Unit, and the Low Income Tax Clinic.


Erin Davison - Staff Member

Erin Davison is the Community Engagement Associate at PLA.

Greta Diem - Staff Member
Maureen Olives - Attorney

Maureen Olives is a Managing Attorney at PLA.

Jonathan Pyle - Attorney

Jonathan Pyle is the Contract Performance Officer at PLA.

Anita Santos-Singh - Attorney

Anita Santos-Singh is the Executive Director of PLA.

Crystal Spraggins - Staff Member

Crystal Spraggins is the Director of Human Resources and a member of the management team at PLA.

Susan Tripp - Staff Member

Susan Tripp is the Finance Director and a member of the management team at PLA.

David Williams - Staff Member

David Williams is the Director of Information Technology at PLA.