Consumer Housing Unit

The Consumer Housing Unit handles legal problems of homeowners in the area of consumer law, including mortgage foreclosure, mortgage servicing, real estate taxes, homeownership and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Since the start of the foreclosure crisis, the Unit has focused on saving homes from foreclosure by defending mortgage foreclosure cases and filing Chapter 13 bankruptcies on behalf of clients.

Community Legal Services handles landlord-tenant matters and public housing matters; PLA's Consumer Housing Unit does not.

Practice Areas: Housing   Homeownership   Mortgage Foreclosure   Real Estate Taxes   Bankruptcy

Intake Procedure:

Applicants need to call the Save Your Home Philly Hotline.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must be LSC eligible and a resident of Philadelphia.

Funded By: Legal Services Corporation

Projects of the Consumer Housing Unit


No One's Home Should Make Them Sick

While Philadelphia has a strong legacy of homeownership across income levels, for many folks keeping up with repairs is a challenge. In families where homes are passed down through generations but inheritance isn’t clearly documented, the inability to afford repairs forces families to live in aging or deteriorating homes that threaten their health.

Joanne, an attorney in PLA's housing unit, wrote about how raising sons with asthma impacted by her work.

PLA Staff Speak at Press Conference

PLA supervising attorney Irwin Trauss and paralegal Ian Skahill spoke at a press conference today about the effect that PHFA's interpretation of HUD guidelines is having on PLA clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appointment with a housing counselor?

If you are behind on your mortgage payments or your real estate tax payments, you may be in danger of losing your home to foreclosure.

If you are in foreclosure, or worried about foreclosure, you should meet with a housing counselor to discuss your options.

To schedule a housing counseling appointment, call the Save Your Home Philly Hotline at 215-334-4663.


Jasper Katz - Attorney
Jane Nylund - Attorney
Margaret Robinson - Attorney

Margaret Robinson supervises the Save Your Home Philly Hotline.

Irwin Trauss - Attorney

Irwin Trauss is the Supervising Attorney of the Consumer Housing Unit.

Joanne Werdel - Attorney