Drexel Civil Litigation Field Clinic

The Drexel Civil Litigation Field Clinic provides representation to victims of family violence in protection from abuse and child custody matters.

Practice Areas: Child Custody   Protection From Abuse

Intake Procedure:

Same as the Family Law Unit.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must be LSC eligible and a resident of Philadelphia.

Funded By: Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for a protection from abuse order?

A protection from abuse order is a civil order that provides protection from harm by family or household members, sexual or intimate partners, or someone with whom you have a child in common.

You can file your petition for a protection from abuse order with the Court of Common Pleas in the county where you live (permanently or temporarily), where you work, in any county where the abuser can be served (i.e., where s/he lives or works), or in the county where the abuse took place.


Arly Smith-Pearson - Attorney

Arly Smith-Pearson is the supervisor of the Drexel Civil Litigation Field Clinic.